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A Well Made Man: Building the Temple of Self
Designed and written to serve as a manual of instruction, A Well Made Man: Building the Temple of Self is for those individuals that would aspire to become men of vision, action, and accomplishment. By utilizing the metaphoric process of constructing a building, the book provides the blue print for building a man.

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Inspiration and Motivation
H.A. Jabar shares success strategies with the goal of assisting others in extracting the internal force and power that resides within each and every person, for the benefit of self, family, community, and nation. He is passionate about seeing others maximize their fullest potential and achieve their full actualization and manifestation of their gifts, skills, talents, and abilities.

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  • Lecturer/ Motivational Speaker

    All listeners can benefit from H.A. Jabar's 'Five Point Success System'. The former NCAA All-American and amateur wrestling standout, inspires each person to: know your self, grow your self, be that self, submit, and submit harder....
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  • West Dayton Youth Task Force

    The mission of the West Dayton Youth Task Force is to initiate programs for young people of all ages that will instill in them the core values of the Nguzo Saba (The Seven Principles) and to foster character development that will produce a future generation...
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  • Workforce Development

    H.A.  Jabar is a former Case Manager/ Career Coach in the Workforce Development Industry. Working with 14-17 years old students and later 17-21 year old young adults, job training and job placement was his specialty. Through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), Jabar was able to...
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  • Consultant Services

    We help customers improve and maximize their online presence with online videos, website development, and writing services. By providing affordable marketing tools, businesses are better equipped to reach their target market and increase sales. ...
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